• WHO ICD First Level ID: I I Name: Certain infectious and parasitic diseases
  • WHO ICD Second Level ID: A00-A09 A00-A09 Name: Intestinal infectious diseases
  • WHO ICD Third Level ID: A00 A00 Name: Cholera
  • WHO ICD Fourth Level ID: Name:

  • WHO ATC Fifth Level (Chemical substance) ID: D10AF03 Chloramphenicol
  • WHO ATC Fourth Level (Chemical subgroup) ID: D10AF Antiinfectives for treatment of acne
  • WHO ATC Third Level (Pharmacological subgroup) ID: D10A ANTI-ACNE PREPARATIONS FOR TOPICAL USE
  • WHO ATC Second Level (Therapeutic subgroup) ID: D10 ANTI-ACNE PREPARATIONS
  • WHO ATC First Level (Anatomical main group) ID: D DERMATOLOGICALS